BEAM is produced by EyeClick, a company with over 15 years of experience in interactive projected display solutions and thousands of global clients including Fisher-Price, IKEA, Marriott hotels, The Goddard School and Kiddie Academy.

EyeClick provides unique, healthy and high-quality play environments for countless businesses, educational facilities, healthcare centers and family entertainment centers all around the world.

Our interactive projector systems utilize two technologies to provide our unique gaming experience:

1. The projector casts our games across your gaming area. It can be almost any surface you want - walls, floors, even tabletops.

2. The motion sensors array recognise the movements and gestures of the players.

That’s how players interact with the projected games in an easy, fun and innovative way.

EyeClick provides unique, healthy and high-quality play environments for countless businesses, educational facilities, healthcare centers and family entertainment centers all around the world.

You can use our devices in three different playmodes, which relate to what surface the device is projecting on:

1.Wall - turn any wall to an amazing, huge gaming area.

2. Floor - transform the ground benefit your feet to an interactive experience.

3. Table - our smart calibration will fit the projection to the size and shape of your table, for a true 360 degrees gaming experience.

Each of our games is developed and adapted to various playmodes, so you’ll get the best experience possible, no matter how you’re playing.

BEAM is an innovative projector gaming console that turns walls, floors and tables into interactive gaming experiences.

The powerful projector casts one of the hundreds of exclusive games onto any surface, while advanced optical motion sensors allow kids and adults alike to play with swipes, taps and gestures. BEAM’s unique visuals coupled with its internal speakers create a virtual playground.

BEAM’s newest model is the BEAM PRO, equipped with a powerful laser projection system, able to cast a sharper, clearer image than ever before. It yields an amazing brightness of 5000 lumens and can operate even under broad daylight.

BEAM packs everything you need in one big box of awesomeness. It includes a state-of-the-art projector, hard drive, high-end internal speakers and the 3D optical motion sensors that make the magic happen. You’ll also get a wireless keyboard to navigate the menus. 

Additional materials, content and kits might be provided according to your specific purchase options.

Short answer - anyone and everyone! Specifically, our game library includes titles tailored for various age groups from 2 years old and up.

Whether you own an early learning center, school, pediatric clinic, family entertainment center, restaurant or any other type of establishment, BEAM and Obie are the perfect solutions to engage with your young audience and keep them coming back.

Our extensive library of educational games and content is designed for child development and early education.

We also offer tailored content for the senior population, with games that promote cognitive activity, social interaction and encourage moving and using motor abilities.

Most importantly, our games are just plain fun, so pretty much anyone who encounters them - no matter the age - is immediately captivated and entertained.

  • Our devices will captivate children and adults alike, increasing visitors’ time spent in your establishment.
  • Our library of hundreds of exclusive games provide custom-made unique experiences, tailored to your brand, needs and audience.
  • Promote physical activity, coordination and social interaction between players with family-friendly content.
  • Our devices are a highly hygienic and germ-free play solution - they project games on floors, walls and tabletops which can be easily cleaned and sanitized without the need for special equipment.
  • Our devices are totally hassle-free; they will even turn themselves on and off according to your schedule!

  • Captivate and engage your children in active play to promote physical activity, coordination and social interaction between players with family-friendly content.
  • Our library of hundreds of exclusive games provide endless fun activities and experiences for solo or group play.
  • Our devices are a highly hygienic and germ-free play solution - they project games on floors, walls and tabletops which can be easily cleaned and sanitized without the need for special equipment.
  • Our devices are totally hassle-free; they will even turn themselves on and off according to your schedule!

Obie is fully compliant with the Federal guidelines on COVID-19, allowing you to discover, play and learn like never before.

Keeping your distance: The projection creates a clearly visible play area, perfect for maintaining social distancing.

Play together, apart: Enjoy games for socialy-distancing players through turn-based play.

Hand-off experiences: Our’s playmodes and game library allow for little-to-no touch play.

Clean & hygienic: Project onto any easy-to-clean surface to keep an hygienic environment.

We’re confident you’ll love our products and see the benefits they bring from day one.

That’s why our return policy is simple - try it for 30 days. Don’t want it? We’ll take it back, no questions asked.

Yes, we can insert branding to games in our BEAM devices. The branding will include your choice of logo or image in the loading screen between games, as well as integrated placement within the games themselves.

If you or your business own a BEAM device and are interested in custom branding, please contact us:


There’s no need for an installation guide when purchasing BEAM - we will handle installation for you.

All our devices can be installed to various ceilings with ease - concrete, metal, or even drop-ceilings.

Our devices also have a dedicated, standard pole mount - perfect for open ceiling installations.

Of course! Our devices can be used in rooms as small as 10x10 feet (3x3 meters). Both can also be discreetly installed in a drop-ceiling.

Our devices can project on any light-colored surface - floors, walls or tabletops. The projection can also take on the rectangular or circular shape and dimensions of tabletops automatically, so it will fit perfectly.

For optimal results, a white, non-reflective surface is recommended.

The projection’s size can be adjusted through the device. The maximum projection size is dependent on the position of the device relative to the projection surface.

For example, BEAM’s maximum recommended distance from surface to device is 4.2 meters, which will allow for a projection size anywhere between 94.5 by 59 inches (2.4 by 1.5 meter) to 154 by 96 inches (3.9 by 2.4 meters).

Visit here for detailed table to find the optimal projection size.

If you’re purchasing BEAM, there’s no need for anything other than a place to install the device, an internet connection and available power supply. We will be handling the installation, including any tools required.


Our devices were designed to be extremely dependable and hassle-free. They self-update and even can shut down by themselves, requiring virtually no maintenance on a day-to-day basis.

The only required maintenance is to replace the bulb when it expires and clean the filters when doing so.

BEAM’s laser projector is extremely durable and lasts for about 20,000 play hours.

There’s nothing simpler than cleaning our devices.

No special tools or techniques required - use a dry, clean, soft cotton cloth to gently wipe any dust away. Take special care not to apply pressure on the projection lens or mirrors.

Depending on your purchase details, your maintenance package might include replacing your device’s bulb. If so, just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

For BEAM and BEAM Laser bulb replacement tutorial videos, please go here.

Our devices update automatically, making sure you get all the best and latest without lifting a finger. Just make sure your device is connected to the internet and a power source.

It is imperative for us that our customers are satisfied with their purchase. That’s why our team of dedicated experts is always available by Email, as well as offering hotline support 7 days a week (during working hours). Furthermore, we offer remote system monitoring for troubleshooting and on-site tech visits.

The details and cost of these services are determined by the service package you choose when buying a new device.


That depends on the type of device and details of your purchase. BEAM comes with 40 free games.

Beyond that, you may purchase games or access to the entire game library separately.

Please note some offers may differ in the amount of games and access to the game library.

Our game library includes hundreds of exclusive titles and activities for the whole family. We offer games in four categories:

  • Adventure - if you want action, excitement and fun, we’ve got you covered.
  • Education - from general knowledge, to spelling and math, our educational games will definitely make you think.
  • Sports - you’re going to have to walk, jump, stomp and swipe your way to victory with these active play games.
  • Memory - sharpen your mind with puzzles, riddles and memory games that will have you scratching your head.

The game library also includes special effects and visuals to enhance the play area when not in use - from interactive autumn leaves to fireworks that appear as you move - your play area can be anything you want, but it will never be boring.

For more information about our games, you can visit:

Our adventures will take players all over the world and beyond. Discover and play in amazing adventures that will thrill and enthrall anyone. Here are a few examples:

Explore the depth of the seas in search of the treasure the King Octopus has sinked. Just be careful of his troops!

Protect the trick-or-treaters on their way to the witch's house in Treat or Trick. Watch out for scary ghosts and other ghoulish creatures!

Build your empire and rule in the  Desert Battle! Build your own tribe and defeat others to win soldiers who are being protected by robot guardians.

Our active play games will keep your kids moving without the need for special equipment, mats or supervision. Here are a few examples:

Soccer fans will love Champions and competing against the best teams in the world.

With Football, scoring touchdowns has never been more fun!

Any hockey fan will love Ice Hockey, an exciting ice experience that will keep you on your skates.

Group play provides a unique and valuable social experience - that’s why we’ve designed games that will get everyone playing together. For example:

In Aliens Vs. Scientists, players must band together to stomp out the Alien threat.

Join the team and help collect as many pieces of candy as you can - a sweet time is guaranteed with Candy Factory.

Gather as many fireflies as possible in Forest Tale - you’ll need to work together to get them all in time!

We have dozens of educational games that will help your children learn through play. They cover various subjects such as math, nature and spelling, and are appropriate to a wide range of ages. Here are a few examples:

Go Fishing is perfect color and shapes practice for 2-4 year olds.

4-8 year olds love learning about nature and animals with Cycle of Life.

8-12 year olds will sharpen their math skills against each other in Big Mouth.

We’re constantly working with gerontologists, cognitive neuroscientists and medical experts to develop content addressing the senior population’s needs. Here are a few examples:

Games like Maestro stimulate cognitive activity by boosting creativity and critical thinking.

Games for social interaction such as Color Frames will get seniors teaming up to win.

Balloons and similar games will encourage physical movement in any player.

For more information about our content for seniors, please visit here.

Yes. We take pride in producing family-friendly, accessible games and experiences.

Anyone from 2 years old and up can enjoy our content. We’re confident that even the most jaded teenagers will find themselves enthralled and entertained once they experience our devices.

Installing games on your device is super-simple. You can view all the available games through the device’s library, and add the ones you wish to play to your playlist.

If a chosen game isn’t installed on your device yet, it will be automatically downloaded and installed once you add it to your playlist.

To learn more, please browse our QuickStart Guides:

That’s real simple - you don’t! Just make sure your device is connected to a power source and an internet network, and it will update itself and any games you have automatically.

To learn more, please browse our BEAM QuickStart Guide.

You can view all the games currently available on your device through its library.

If you want to enjoy even more games and experiences, we offer individual games, bundles and subscription access to our full games library.

To learn more about our offers and their costs, please contact us:

Our studio is hard at work on amazing new titles. We aim to release titles every few months, so you’ll always have something new to play and enjoy.

Depends on how you get it - each device comes with several free games.

You can purchase bundles of games at a lower cost, or subscribe to get access to our full games library.

For specific prices and options, please contact us:

Once you purchased content for your device - be it a game, a bundle or a subscription, you'll receive an activation code via Email.

Go to your device's settings menu and enter the code to apply your purchase on your device.

You can only apply an activation code once for one specific device.


If the device has a schedule, it will follow it and be put itself to sleep and wake up automatically.

Without an active schedule, your device will be awake and on until you turn it off manually.

Go to your device’s schedules in its control area and select to create a new schedule.

You’ll need to set during which times the device should be awake, then save the schedule. That’s it!

Yes, you can. When a schedule is disabled, it will not have any effect on the device. Only active schedules will control the device.

This is useful for setting up holiday hours, for example - instead of creating a new schedule and deleting it each holiday, just disable an existing schedule, and activate it when appropriate.

Yes, you can create and delete as many schedules as you’d like.

Also, there’s no problem with having more than one active schedule on a device. When multiple schedules are active, the device will be awake during all times specified in all active schedules.

Please take note that if one active schedule is set to enter the device to sleep mode during a specific time, and another active schedule is set to keep the device awake during that same time, the device will remain on and awake.

Therefore, the awake times set in schedules override the sleep times.

Editing a schedule is easy - just select the desired schedule and edit the changes. Don’t forget to save them when you’re done.

Without an active schedule, your device will be awake and on until you turn it off manually.

Note that it is not recommended to keep the device awake all the time, as it will consume electricity and shorten the projector bulb’s lifespan.


Your playlist is where you decide which games you wish to play.

Your device has its games library, with all the content available to it. From there you can select games to add to your playlist.

When you’re ready to start, select to play the playlist, and all the games in it will begin according to their playlist order and settings.

After you’ve added games to your playlist through the library, you can select the edit button to edit the playlist:

  • Sort the games and change their order within the playlist.
  • Set the duration of all the games in the playlist - how long will each game play before automatically moving to the next one.
  • Set the duration of a specific game from the playlist.
  • Remove games from the playlist.

Some games may have specific game settings - difficulty and sound controls, for example.

Select a specific game in the playlist to view and edit its settings.

Of course. Your playlist may contain a single game if you’d like.

You can also select to start the playlist from any game, no matter if it’s the first, last or anywhere in the middle.

To switch a game, simply exit it to the control area and select the game you’d like to play from the playlist.


The shipping costs depend on your order details and delivery location. To calculate the shipping cost for an order, please visit here.

The HS shipping code for our devices is:


BEAM is listed as a game console.


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